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New SDS Regulation



GBF (SDS)_New Legislation Text in Turkish.pdf

TR-SDS (GBF) has Published.(13 December 2014)


Turkey has published the implementation of TR-SDS (GBF) in Turkish Official Gazette with number 29204 on 13 December 2013. As with the EU SDS Regulation, there will be a transition period prior to the regulation coming into force as of 1 June 2016.

The obligations of chemical manufacturers and importers for safety data sheets preperations are:

1/June/2015 - Deadline for the substances. Safety Data Sheets for substances should be prepared according to the new TR-SDS untill 1 June 2015 

1/June/2016 - Deadline for the preparations. Safety Data Sheets for preparations should be prepared according to the new TR-SDS untill 1 June 2016.

You can find the Turkish Version of TR-SDS (GBF) Regulation text as linked in here.

Turkey CLP and SDS Regulation Services

DorukSistem provides global regulatory expertise by helping companies exporting products to Turkey with identifying their TR-CLP (SEA) and TR-SDS (GBF) regulatory obligations, and will be preparing SDSs for submission to the Turkish Competent Authority .

DorukSistem also offers full declaration support and a consulting strategy and training package to support companies in meeting the CLP (SEA) and SDS (GBF) compliance requirements.

Turkish Chemical Regulation Services

DorukSistem’s experts can assist you step-by-step with the process of meeting all your obligations to comply with the Turkish Chemicals Regulation.

DorukSistem regulatory services include:

  • Only Representative Services
  • Safety Data Sheet Preperation and compliance services with certified experts.
  • Strategy and consulting services
  • Assessment of your company’s regulatory obligations 
  • Preparation of data requirements and documentation for notification (including determination of physicochemical, toxicological, and eco-toxicological characteristics of substances if required) 
  • Submission of notifications in the format required 
  • Liaison with Turkish authorities where required 
  • Act as 'Turkish Representative’ on the behalf of non-Turkish operators
  • Regulatory corporate training

Please contact for further information you need and/or for DorukSistem Only Representative Services for Turkey.

*SEA : Abbreviation for CLP in Turkish

*GBF : Abbreviation for SDS in Turkish