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MSDS Services MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet - GBF Güvenlik Bilgi Formu

MSDS Authoring and Chemical Product Compliance Modules From MSDS MARKET

MSDS MARKET is a leader in delivering high quality, chemical regulatory compliance, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) authoring and technical translations.
We are committed to providing our clients with first rate services, regardless of the regulatory challenge.
Our mission is to deliver exceptional chemical regulatory and translation services around the world.
We developed modules for managing the Chemical Safety Management System for compliance the legislations and directives to your products or company.
What is Chemical Safety Management System (Product Compliance) Modules?
Your company is launching a chemical product into a market, such as a wc cleaner or a detergent. A vital part of the pre-launch process is ensuring your product will meet comply with all legislation for that market.
For a chemical product launch you will need the following steps: (click on each for more information)
1.            Consultancy  Module
Developing a cost-effective chemical regulatory strategy.
2.            Classification Module
Ensure product formulation contains no banned substances and is registered with the appropriate   government agencies.
Create a product label which meets legislative requirements for the desired distribution channels. More
 3.            MSDS Module
Author an MSDS (or SDS) in the necessary languages that meets the local legislative requirements.
 4.            Translation Module
Translate product label and marketing materials into the necessary languages.
For an existing product, chemical product compliance entails tracking changes to legislation and making any necessary changes to ensure your product remains compliant.

MsdsMarket provides a wide range of services to support our clients (M)SDS hazard communication programs. MsdsMarket is able to provide worldwide understanding and support to help companies provide the best information to the global market. 


Our services include:
Preparation of (M)SDSs for your entire product inventory and/or intermediates
(M)SDS preparation for all regions & countries including:
 ·         Europe
 ·         U.S.
 ·         Canada
 ·         China
 ·         Japan
 ·         other global destinations
(M)SDS preparation for all formats:
·         Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
·         CLP
·         ISO
·         ANSI
Electronic versions of the (M)SDSs:
·         Rich Text
·         HTML
·         Microsoft Word
·         PDF
(M)SDS translation into any languages:
·         English
·         Turkish
·         Dutch
·         French
·         German
·         Italian
·         Japanese
·         Simplified Chinese
·         Spanish
·         Traditional Chinese
·         etc.
Establishing an ongoing "review and update" of your existing (M)SDSs or the (M)SDSs we've created for your company
MsdsMarket provides full service (M)SDS operation for your facility including incoming and outgoing (M)SDS management.
Our Regulatory Update Service provides you with quarterly updates of your MsdsMarket authored (M)SDSs to help you stay in compliance over time. For more information on this service, please click here.
For more information or to discuss your company’s specific needs, please contact us at  .